Originally from Detroit and transplanted in Portland, Katie Hunt is a hand-letterer and designer who works predominantly with chalk and charcoal. She is striving to embrace and resurrect the often under-appreciated beauty of handcrafted letters, as it is her mindset that a beautifully written word is worth a thousand pictures (contrary to what you may have heard). 

Her Story

Tall Whiskey Ginger was born from a desire to work with her hands to create beauty in unlikely spaces, and to maintain the freedom to adventure and explore and meet incredible characters. It started as a hobby, something to do with idle hands in quiet moments, as gifts to her loved ones, and as a way to express her love of reading, writing, language, and the beauty of communication. As she nurtured her whims, it manifested itself into something she could only have dreamed of, and it became a way to support her adventurous spirit and creative soul. After working as a hairstylist for years, she had a rare opportunity to sit with her brilliant ailing father in a hospital cafeteria and show him her work- then, merely drafts of pieces and glimpses of ideas scrawled into a sketchbook- and he immediately started drawing up a business plan on a paper napkin. They brainstormed and researched for hours, trying to find a way to make her dream a reality. It was the last coherent conversation she had with her father before his passing just weeks later. After suffering such tremendous loss, the notion "life is short, make it count" became cold, hard reality, and she set off on a trip across the country in a VW Beetle with only her dog, some sketchbooks, and an open mind. After camping on cliffs and jumping off waterfalls and scrambling over glaciers, she came home and started reconstructing her life in a way that nurtured everything she valued- 

Be nice, Work hard, Dream big.